Fig and Wasp Productions

This week, my team and I started work on a custom website. I am doing the graphic design for a Food Show Production website, Fig and Wasp Productions. First, we looked at many production company websites to do research and compare their websites for ideas.

After getting a good idea for the site, the UX designer sketched a wireframe and used a design platform for client approval. I created the Style Tile using fonts and colors that I selected to express the bold, artistic theme requested by the client.

In preparation for the mock-up website, I started looking for content for the various pages. I found some amazing photos and videos of food that matched the theme of the website and color palette I selected. I enjoyed finding content for the Shows page and excel at it!

I selected stock photos for the Shows section for the site. The shows include the following: D’Amore Italian Food (D’Amore The Food!), Food Prep (Always Be Prepared!), Vegan Cooking (More Than Plants!) and Dessert Haven (Deliciously Delectably Delightful)! I selected original photos that have splashes of color from my palette. I’m really happy with the choices I made for the main videos I chose to represent each program. I am working on content for the shows. I consider my eye for color and design a major strength for my career in technology.

My design skill is an asset. My talent in selecting the right images draws the user in. Complementing those with brilliant colors keep the user clicking through. I often see others copying my style or content for projects. This is the greatest compliment! They say imitation is the highest form of flattery!

I am enjoying working on this project for the simple reason that I get to express my creativity. I enjoy creating content by simplifying complex topics. I’m often managing people and projects in project management.  It’s nice to get out of the driver’s seat this time and get an opportunity to solely focus on design! Finding a balance between both would be a dream!

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