Our Story

A letter from Robert Bowers, her husband:

Marie Bowers was my wife, whom I knew for 43 years, passed away in September 2007.  It was a Thursday night, she felt tired and went to bed early and died in her sleep.

I have started a charitable foundation in her name to honor her memory.  It is The Marie Bowers Kindheart Foundation, named after her kind heart. 

I think you should know something about Marie.  She was born in a DP (displaced persons) camp in Germany to a Polish father and Russian mother who were war prisoners.  After the war their countries refused to take them back.  She lived there in a tent until she was 6.  She lived in a tentament in West Baltimore slums and attended a pariochial school in downtown Baltimore.  Despite starting out not knowing a word of English, she graduated with the highest average in the entire school all eight years.  All her life she tried to be kind to everyone – two years ago she told me she always tried to please everyone - and now after her passing I am learning to appreciate more and more every day what I had and how much I have lost.

She had an administrative job with Howard Community College for almost 20 years.  In that capacity she dealt with students trying to get an education.  Coworkers told me there were times she dealt with students who didn’t have money for their books, and she probably gave them her own money.  The day of the funeral the College did something they had never done in their 50+ year history – the College closed for the day so people could attend her funeral.  Several busloads attended.

This is the person I established a charitable foundation for.  The foundation will give out scholarships and awards to persons who live, or hope to live, a kindheated life.  At her funeral I said I am tired of all the violence and hate in this world, and if everyone lived like her, who was kind to all, what a better world this would be.  I said I didn’t want her memory to be forgotten.  The foundation should help that happen.

I could go on for dozens of pages about her, but this is why I established a charitable foundation for Marie.

I would hope you would contribute to this foundation.  I am taking no money from the foundation.  I may take some money for expenses incurred, so far I have not.  I hope to build an endowment to make serious awards to promote living kindheated lives.

I would really hope for a meaningful contribution from you.  I have written to a number of people I know, some who could contribute well into 5 figure gifts.  I myself gave $5,000 last year, and plan to give every year.  My goal is to build an endowment of $200,000 or more, so I can give scholarships in her name, and, yes, buy books for some students.

The Foundation is a “50% Qualifying Charitable Organization”, within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code.

Please give this your prayerful consideration, and please give as much as you are able.  I would really appreciate it. 

Please mail contributions to:

Marie Bowers Kindheart Foundation
30765 Pacific Coast Highway #215           
Malibu, CA 90265

Thank you for your consideration.


                                                            Sandra Bowers
                                                            on behalf of The
                                                            Marie Bowers Kindheart Foundation