Skilled and Experienced Project Manager

After researching the common job positions in the computer industry, the ones that interest me the most are Project Manager, User Experience Designer and Content Manager.

The Project Manager is the person in charge of the planning and execution of a particular project. The User Experience (UX) Designer is responsible for enhancing user satisfaction with a product by optimizing the usability, accessibility and enjoyment the user experiences in the interacting with the product. They work with User Personas, Information Architecture, Wire frames, User Testing, Visual Testing, Usability Testing and beyond! The Content Manager researches information to write and edit blogs and provide interesting content to be published. Working with content management system software (CMS), they monitor website traffic, respond to feedback and make changes to the layout based on website analytics and usability testing.  Working with the sales and leadership team on branding, they create and promote premium content. Repurposing and refreshing content are other responsibilities of the content manager.

User Experience Designer interests me because I deeply care about the experience of others in general. I received education in UX from Coding Bootcamp courses. I believe UX has a lot to do with psychology, because you need to understand who your audience is in order to retain their attention. In order to understand the audience, you need to do research on many groups of people and have marketing knowledge.

I have the qualities and skills required for Content Manager from previous employment experience. Content Management interests me because I have a passion for communication. I enjoy doing research and am an excellent editor. In the past, I created campaigns for businesses (including my real estate business) and excel in branding. Keeping track of the numbers, I find what works and what doesn’t work. I enjoy creating content by writing blogs and promoting content by cross marketing with different platforms and media. I am always looking for new ways to publish content by using Social Media, Videos, Podcasts, eBooks and memes depending on the audience preference. 

I have been a Project Manager in real estate as a property manager and in the medical field as an executive administrator. These characteristics include vision, communication, integrity, enthusiasm, passion, empathy, compassion, competence, delegation, composure, team building and problem solving. I attended a meet-up last week and spoke with developers, programmers and coders. I offered to volunteer my project management experience to contribute to the group and gain informal project management experience in the technology field.

Vital requirements for project management include planning, scheduling, timeline projection, and strong organizational and leadership skills. In my past employment history, I worked directly with clients to take detailed orders. I made sure the deadline was met and stayed within budget. I developed and managed projects including cost, time and scope with responsibilities of project planning, communication plan, allocating tasks and setting milestones. I have experience with Excel, QuickBooks and other financial software.

In order to ensure project success, I coordinated with other departments and hired new talent as needed. Since projects are made up of people, it is important for me to make an effort to get to know, have patience to coach and communicate with other people. I am good at understanding other people’s needs.

In order to be more qualified for a project management position in technology, I will pursue a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. I presently have a ScrumMaster Certification (CSM). I will continue my education in technology to help my transition into project management for technology. Learning the software programs used by PMPs and CSMs such as Jira and Agile are a must. 

It’s important for a great project manager to be savvy with user experience and content management as well, because having success in those areas directly relates to the popularity of the site. When the content is interesting and draws the user in, then the user keeps coming back. This makes for a better bottom line. And to any good project manager, the reward is in the results.

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