Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

Working on a project team is a common occurrence in the field of technology. Some roles that make up the team include Project Manager, Developer, Web Designer, User Experience Design and Quality Assurance Specialist. Having a good leader is imperative. This past week, I was Project Manager for a project that called for creating a website for a custom furniture design company that offers interior design services. The website was completed in 5 days.

In this role, there were challenges. Getting started, the primary focus was to set goals for each day in order to complete the project by the end of the week. We used SCRUM for goal setting. Communicating the goals and getting the team motivated to meet the deadline was the first challenge. We ran short of time, so we worked overtime to ensure the project would be delivered

Another challenge that arose was agreeing on the design. Guiding the team to see the vision of the client was the solution. Reminding them of the big picture helped get the team on the same page. Once the vision was in focus, the work flowed smoothly thereafter.

During the project, I checked in with each team member frequently and assessed the progress. Communication and staying on schedule are strengths of mine. We kept in clear communication with daily sprints to stay on schedule. Another strength I have is the ability to motivate the team by working alongside them to meet the deadline. We found solutions for every challenge that came up.

The top three challenges we encountered along the way included coming to an agreement on the direction of the project, meeting the deadline and maintaining harmony and consistent workflow. Moving forward, I would encourage each team member to focus on their personal goals and create more collaboration in the final stages of the project. Once the team is unified, the participation maintains a steady momentum.

It is important to work as a team because good teamwork creates synergy. The combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of the individual performance. Benefits of working as a team include increased efficiency and focusing different minds on the same problem.

Meeting frequently throughout the project to assess progress enables the team to give feedback. The purpose of creating a team is to increase employee participation in order to improve planning, problem solving and decision making to enhance customer service. Communicating effectively, recognizing different viewpoints and appreciating the contribution makes a good team work. And, as we all know, teamwork makes the dream work!

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