Technical Resources

While studying coding and computer web design, I have come across a multitude of resources for creative ideas, news, design and tutorials. I am a visual learner, so watching how something is done helps my ability to retain information. There are two main resources I use to watch video tutorials.

The most useful resource I consistently use is YouTube. It is my go to website for everything. With a billion active users each month, new content is always available and the site is free. Video sharing is instant. I can find a multitude of information on any given topic and video format is easy to follow.

In regards to coding and technology, is a useful channel I subscribe to. I also subscribe to and watch tutorials by Simple Programmer and Chris Hawkes. The website is user friendly and draws you in. I can get lost for hours watching YouTube videos.

Another great resource for video learning is Lynda. This website is specifically an online education site offering video courses in creative, software and business skills. The courses are taught by industry experts. There is a vast array of multimedia learning experiences for coders to increase their skills and learn new things. For educational instruction, it is possibly the best site of its kind.

There is an extensive library of video content. Unlike other online schools, the user gets unrestricted access to as much content as they wish for a minimal monthly subscription fee. It can also be accessed through a library eCard. Signing up, navigating courses and creating playlists for classes is quick and easy. Overall, the site offers an affordable platform to develop a customized plan of study to build a firm foundation in quality education.

For news resources, there are several sites I scan through on a regular basis depending on what I am looking for. If I am seeking general, popular news stories, I read The Skimm. The subscription-only newsletter is a digest of news stories that are easy to read. You can literally skim over bullet points of news. If I want to read more in depth, I click on the link to read the article. Otherwise, just reading the headlines keeps me up to date on current events. The content is short and simple.

For tech news, there are several sites I look at on a regular basis to find current events. I am most drawn to Wired. Current events in technology and digital entertainment are laid out in an easy to read format. I am attracted to good and relevant content laid out in a simple way. I enjoy tech news because I prefer the subject matter over opinionated dissertations on pointless topics. Learning about new, up and coming products and devices interests me.

There are so many resources available. Learning what can be done in design and how I can create my vision in a graphic layout is exciting. The more I learn, the more I am able to express myself using pertinent, interesting content in a creative way online.

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