Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It is easy to customize and use by anyone, not only developers. The setup and maintenance costs are low. Overall, the site offers functionality and structure that future clients can easily access and maintain once the design and development is complete. Here is a great link to a step by step guide that goes through how to make a WordPress website for beginners.

I found a few websites that are not created with WordPress that would be a great candidate for a WordPress site. The first site I examined was www.Kindheartfoundation.org, a non-profit organization. WordPress would be an excellent choice for this website for obvious reasons mentioned above. In addition, themes make it easy to make the site more beautiful. Not only that, there is a WordPress website guide specifically focused on setting up a website for a non-profit organization. This link provides a start-to-finish guide on how to set up a non-profit website. Connecting google analytics for search engine optimization, building forms for recruiting volunteers and accepting donations are just a few plugins that can be customized for this foundation.

The next site I analyzed was a small business, 805 calendar. This site could benefit from selecting an attractive theme. There are many tutorials and step by step guides on customizing a small business website. Since small businesses are also looking to keep their overhead low, WordPress would be an ideal choice. Not only that, since it is so easy to use, a business owner could create and maintain their own site. Some popular small business plugins are OptinMonster and WPForms. OptinMonster is good for converting website visitors to email subscribers. This would be a great added feature for the 805 Calendar website in order to promote the advertisers and events to a larger audience. WPForms is another excellent plugin for this site as potential customers could complete orders directly online. These are just a couple plugins that would add value and increase a client database over time.

The final site I reviewed was for a musician’s website, Bruce Belland, www.thefourpreps.com . Upon doing some research, I found this site with some great themes for musicians that allow you to set a YouTube music video as a background. The designs are excellent with fully responsive layouts for all platforms. Some themes have an integrated Music Album and Audio Player feature, allowing users to upload their music. Playlists can be created and organized. There are Lyrics and Review sections in addition to other personal widgets. Musicians can show their future events with the Events and Gigs Manager tool. A personal online shop can be created with WooCommerce making it easier for distribution of merchandise.

There are so many industry specific themes and widgets offered by WordPress. For example, if you are looking to design a jewelry website, here are some great themes. For a cake shop or bakery, these are some great theme ideas. WordPress offers limitless possibilities for designing the perfect website with features and widgets to enhance the user experience for Food Blogs, Magazines, eCommerce and so many more.

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