UX refers to User Experience. UX is how a person feels about a product or service based on their interaction with it. UX can also be described as the attitude or perception of something after using it.

UI refers to User Interface. This is the hardware or technology designed for the user. For example, the mouse, keyboard and screen are all devices that work together so that a person can interact with a website or application.

IA means Information Architecture. IA is the way information technology is planned, designed and organized in order to create the most optimal user experience.

After reading the article, “Dark Patterns: Deception vs. Honesty in UI Design,”  by Harry Brignull, I was not surprised about the hidden costs that some websites add on in the checkout process. I have experienced this firsthand! In addition, I have encountered the “freemium” business model. After providing credit card information to use the free trial, I have forgotten or not used the service. Once the trial is up, the card is charged, often times without being reminded of the previously agreed to terms.

I view websites and online advertising similar to the way I do traditional businesses in the sense that there is always an element of bait and switch. Due to high competition, unethical companies feel they have to advertise their product or service at a low price, only to add on hidden fees or coerce customers into buying a higher-priced item. There is no doubt less chance of deception when the buyer is more educated. A good company will win customers by delivering what is promised, not by tricking customers through slick advertising or fancy website design.

The way I view websites has changed after learning more about UX this week. Rather than being drawn to a website based on appearance, I am attracted by the message being sent and the purpose or intention of the website. I am surprised by all the various elements that make up the user experience. The amount of research that goes into determining usability and functionality is vast.

It is interesting to break down all the components of UX. Researching the customer and creating a user persona, determining user flow and site architecture is a necessity. Much thought must be put into who the customer will be and what their experience will be like. Putting myself in someone else’s shoes bridges the gap of understanding.

In order to improve the quality of my assignment, it will be necessary for me to do much research along these lines. Taking the time to analyze competitor websites and finding a way to attract the demographic audience will certainly be the biggest challenge. Without a doubt, the UX process is vital to the development of any website. Implementation of the UX process would certainly have improved the outcome of my client blog. Knowing what I know now, my design projects will continue to evolve.

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